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Medicare Planning

Supplemental insurance can make the difference between staying within budget and drowning in medical bills not covered by Medicare. Supplemental policies help cover co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance, making it easier to afford the quality health care you deserve.

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Long Term Care

Americans turning 65 have a 70% chance of requiring long-term care at some point. The good news? A long-term care policy could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, protecting your life savings and reducing the financial, mental and emotional stress on your children.

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Short Term/Home Care

If you had the choice of recovering at home or in a nursing home after an accident or health incident, which would you choose? Most of us prefer to recover in the comfort of our own home. This plan is an affordable solution with the flexibility to choose where you receive care.

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Outliving Your Savings

Financial planning is an important step in securing your future, but for many, the options can feel intimidating. If you’re finding it difficult to plan your retirement, we can help you protect yourself and make sound financial decisions, helping you feel confident.

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Life Insurance

Mortgage payments, debt and final expenses could put your love ones at financial risk. Life insurance can provide the additional money they'll need. There's no income tax, and potentially no estate tax, either. It also makes cash available to help fund your retirement.

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From Our Clients

With your guidance, we made the choice that was right for us. You have been there when we had questions and have followed through on any issues we may have had.

Charles & Elizabeth

Our agent at Senior Lifestyle Solutions has been there to guide us all the way. He has spent countless time with me making sure I am in the correct Medicare program for the many physical problems I have faced. We enjoy his visits to our home and welcome him as a friend whenever he stops by.

Shirley & Joe

There is no way I can properly thank you for the great service you provided me. Until I found you, I was a nervous wreck. You gave me good advice and I will forever be grateful. If not for you and your help, I would be bankrupt.