The Coverage You Deserve

The Coverage You Deserve


While not all seniors will need supplemental insurance, for many it makes the difference between staying within budget and drowning in medical bills not covered by Medicare. Supplemental policies help cover co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance, making it easier to afford the quality health care you deserve.

Medicare Supplement Plans are as easy as calling Senior Lifestyle Solutions. For the important things not covered, we offer reasonably priced, supplemental insurance through a variety of reputable carriers.

Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C Plans) are sometimes called Medicare Replacement Plans.  You must have Original Medicare in order to have a Part C plan. By joining a Medicare Advantage Plan, you are assigning your Medicare benefits to a private insurance carrier compensated by Medicare and allowed to collect premiums.

These plans have out-of-pocket maximums but may also have co-pays, deductibles and co-insurances. They offer coverage as good as Original Medicare but may offer additional benefits.  There are several types of Medicare Advantage plans our licensed agents will be happy to review with you.

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans are only offered through private insurance carriers.  If you don't take a Part D plan when you first become eligible, you may have to pay a penalty to enroll later. Part D plans cover prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries. You must have Part A or Part B or both to enroll in a Part D plan. If you have other creditable coverage such as VA benefits or an Employer Group Plan, you may not need to select a Part D plan when you become eligible for Medicare A and/or B.  
Part D plans are required to cover medications in every therapeutic class as specified by Medicare and offer coverage as good as the standard Medicare-approved format. Each plan's network, formularies, co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance amounts and premiums vary. Our licensed agents will review your medications to find a plan with a formulary that will meet your needs at the lowest available cost.

As your needs and these plans change every year, it's wise to have a licensed professional review your current plan during the Medicare Annual Election Period.



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"Just wanted to send you a Big Thank You for taking the time to help us make a decision on our health insurance. We were very unsure of what would be the best coverage for us with all the options we were getting in the mail and from going to the meetings. So when you came to our home, sat down with us and reviewed our health issues, we understood our needs and with your guidance made the choice that was right for us. You have been there when we had questions and have followed through on any issues we may have had. We know if we have a question, we can call on you anytime." —Charles and Elizabeth