Live Your Way In Retirement

Live Your Way In Retirement

Outliving Your Savings

Financial planning is an important step in securing your future, but for many, the options can seem intimidating. If you’re finding it difficult to plan your retirement, we can help you protect yourself and make sound financial decisions.

Lifetime Income: IRA & 401k Rollover

Questions about working after your retirement? Want to understand the tax implications of taking money from your 401(k) account, qualified plan roll-overs, IRA’s, Required Minimum Distributions (age 70 and over), the Pension Protection Act, wealth preservation or lifetime income streams? Ask our experts for guidance and resources for a happy and financially stable retirement.

We'll help you find safe alternatives to the often-volatile stock and mutual fund market while still providing you with a pleasing rate of return with a fixed rate over a set period of time. We can also help you benefit from the gains of the different market indices without suffering the losses that often come with investing. Whether your goal is to leave a legacy, have a lifetime income stream, or both, we can help.


"It has been a long journey over the past three years and we have been happy to have our agent at Senior Lifestyle Solutions there to guide us all the way. He has helped us with my husband's retirement investment in an annuity. He is involved in the process of obtaining Social Security Disability payments for him. He has spent countless time with me making sure I am in the correct Medicare program for the many physical problems I have faced. We enjoy his visits to our home and welcome him as a friend whenever he stops by."—Shirley and Joe

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